Sydney Locals Favourite Fibreglass Swimming Pool Dealer
Sydney Locals Favourite Fibreglass Swimming Pool Dealer

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Barrier Reef Pools is the Largest Manufacturer of Fibreglass Inground Swimming Pools in Australia. A Barrier Reef fibreglass pool is available in a range of shapes, sizes, designs and colours to meet all of your swimming pool needs. We boast a number of safety features in our pools including; a step ledge around the entire pool, smooth non-abrasive surfaces with no sharp edges and a non-skid base on the step entry and floor. No hassle and easy installation can be completed in 7-10 days, leaving you to enjoy the pleasure and fun of owning your own pool. The benefits of a fibreglass pool are endless.

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Why Sydney Locals Choose Swimming Pools Sydney!

If a swimming pool is something you want in your life, Swimming Pools Sydney can help. Here is why you should choose us to create your dream pool.

1. Fast Installation

Our fibreglass pools are built to the highest construction and engineering standard and can be installed in a matter of a week.

2. Made In Australia

Swimming Pools Sydney use fibreglass pools that are made right here in Australia. They surpass Australian and worldwide standards for quality.

3. Our Pools Are Backed By Generous Warranties

All of our pools come with a lifetime internal, structural and osmosis guarantee. This means you can swim worry free over the lifetime of your pool. 

4. Australian 5 Tick

Our fibreglass shells have been awarded one of only two Australian 5 Tick Certified Product Certification by SAI Global. When investing in a pool with Swimming Pools Sydney, you are purchasing the best quality pool that money can buy.

5. Safety

Building pools that are safe and compliant is our uttermost priority. Our pools have inclusive safety features such as non-scratch surfaces and safety edges and ledges. We make sure that our pool fencing is compliant before construction ends.

4 Easy Steps To Installing A Swimming Pool In Sydney

1. Contact Our Team To Arrange An Obligation Free Onsite Quote

Get in touch and one of our experienced team members will arrange a time for a pool builder to come to your home to do a free onsite quote.

2. Approve Your Quote

Once you have discussed your pool ideas and decided on the design and features you want, you will then approve your written quote. The pool builder will lodge applications for permit approvals, once these have been granted, you pool construction can begin.

3. Time to install your pool

The location where your new pool will go as well as the area surrounding it, will be excavated. The pool will put in and the pool fencing, electrical and plumbing work will be completed. As our pools are installed relatively quickly, this causes minimum interference to your everyday life.

4. You now own a pool!

Once your pool is installed, it’s all yours, ready to enjoy. Your summers just got a whole lot better.

Frequently Asked Pool Questions

Its hard to give an exact price on a fibreglass pool as the cost can vary significantly depending on the type you choose, the size and whether you include extra features or not. Additional factors such as access to the property and the condition of your backyard can also influence the overall price. If the ground needs to be cleared or tree or structure removal needs to be done before construction can commence, it’s likely that the price will be more than if this was not necessary. To get an exact price that is personalised to your specific needs and backyard, its best to get in touch with our team to organise your free onsite quote.

Fibreglass pools have many benefits when compared to the other swimming pool options, vinyl liner and concrete pools. They can be installed in a matter of a week whereas concrete pools take far longer and can take 3 to 6 months to build. The interior surface of a fibreglass pool is virtually nonporous which makes it highly compatible with salt and is resistant to algae, bacteria, and heat. They are simple to maintain and easy to clean. Fibreglass pools are extremely long lasting and come in an array of designs, colours, and shapes.

It is a type of swimming pool that is constructed in a manufacturing plant using the highest quality fibreglass. They come in a variety of styles.

Fibreglass pools are built onto a mould using many layers of superior grade fibreglass. Our fibreglass shells are made using a 10-point construction process. The initial layer is made up of an advanced colour technology gel coat, this is the colour of your pool. The second layer is applied using the highest quality vinyl liner ester resin, the third layer is polyester resin, fourth is woven roving. A structural honeycomb layer is applied next followed by the final layer. Once this is complete, the shell is cured and extracted from the mould. Lastly, the pool shell is trimmed and goes through a vigorous quality assurance check.

Fibreglass technology has advanced significantly over the years and because of this concrete pools are no longer the go-to pool for prospective buyers. Fibreglass pools are simple and straightforward to install and the overall costs involved with running it and the effort required to clean it, is significantly less than that of a concrete pool. They are extremely durable and long lasting. Concrete pools are typically more expensive to install than fibreglass as they are made from scratch onsite and require far more labour. The ongoing costs are usually more too as the interior needs to be resurfaced every 10 to 15 years which costs around $10,000. Furthermore, the surface of a concrete pool is naturally porous which makes the perfect environment for algae and bacteria to harbour and multiply. As a result, concrete pool owners will spend more money and time cleaning their pool.

Fibreglass pools are not only popular because of their minimal upkeep and fast installation but because they are strong and extremely long lasting too. Innovative manufacturing allows fibreglass pools to constructed to such a superior standard that they can outlast the lifetime of a concrete pool. A good quality fibreglass pool that has been built to specific construction standards will last for decades. Our pools surpass the Australian and worldwide standard for fibreglass pool thickness and have been expertly engineered to withstand earth movements and harsh weather conditions.

A fibreglass pool can be installed in as little as 7 days if all goes smoothly. It’s important to remember though, unforeseen factors such as weather, delayed council approvals and unexpected surprises when digging can extend the expected time frame for your pool to be installed. Normally, fibreglass pools are completed in 1 to 3 weeks.

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