Can Fiberglass Pools Be Installed Above Ground?

Have you always dreamed of owning a spectacular pool where you could enjoy a relaxing dip after a long day at work? Unsure if your backyard and home layout are suitable to install a swimming pool? Or, you fear the cost of getting your dream pool is likely to burn a hole in your pockets? Worry not, because we have some good news for you.

You can make your dream of owning a home swimming pool a reality. How? Enter: Above ground pools. Above ground pools tend to be less expensive compared to in-ground pools. Irrespective of the layout of your backyard, you can build them to accommodate any site. Fibreglass pools can be installed above ground without you having to compromise on the aesthetics or strength of the pool.

Fortified fiberglass pool shells for above ground pools are thicker. Plus, they come with more extensive support built into them by reputable fiberglass pool manufacturers. With the right buttress and support, an above ground pool can be a great asset for your house.

What are the different ways in which you can install a fiberglass pool?

Typically, fiberglass pools can be installed in any of the following three ways:


This is the most common way to install a swimming pool. In-ground pools are popular amongst homeowners who have a flat site and enough room to accommodate an in-ground pool.

Partially In-ground

Not everyone possesses a flat backyard to install a pool on. A partially in-ground pool is a good fit for such homeowners. Uneven ground or those with sloping blocks don’t pose a problem for partially in-ground pools. Our well-trained team can accurately assess your site to deliver the greatest solution.

Above Ground

If you want to eliminate the exorbitant costs of excavation and other extensive groundwork, above ground pools are what you need. Depending on the layout of your backyard and the ground level, we can closely collaborate with you to create a cohesive pool space. Above ground pools are great options for those with elevated houses and who want their pools to be flush with the outdoor area and home.

What are the advantages of installing an above ground fiberglass pool?

There are multiple benefits because of which most homeowners prefer an above ground fiberglass pool today. We have listed some reasons below:

1. Convenience

Compared to their counterparts, above ground pools are a lot quicker to install. They eliminate the waiting time involved in the excavation of the land in your backyard. This means you can enjoy a dip in the pool with your friends and family a lot faster.

2. Appearance

Many homeowners have a misconception that above ground pools are simply placed on the ground, and they might make your backyard look messy. However, this is not the case. We will work with you to incorporate clever surroundings, aesthetic finishes and landscaping which will tie closely with the overall appearance of your home.

3. Cost

Cost is one of the most important deciding factors that house owners consider while looking at pool options. An above ground pool can cost thousands of dollars less compared to in-ground pools. Installing an above ground fiberglass pool does not mean that the quality gets compromised or it will not look beautiful. You still get the industry-best pool that looks amazing, only for a much lower cost.

Additionally, you also save up money as there are no excavation costs in the case of an above ground pool. You can probably get a first-class above ground pool and still be left with money to throw your first pool party.

4. Durability

Over the years, fibreglass technology has come a long way. Fibreglass pools have extreme tactile strength and durability which is well-suited for any site, including above ground. These pools are constructed in such a way that it gives them a slight flex and allows them to accommodate earth movements. This can in turn prevent cracking of the material and ensure your pools last longer. Many reputable fibreglass pool companies provide warranties to their customers as they are so confident in their quality and pool building techniques.

5. Lifespan

For homeowners who are not ready for a long-term commitment of an in-ground pool, above ground fibreglass pools are the best bet. An above ground pool comes with a lifespan of 10 to 15 years which can be extended with good care. Whereas, in-ground pools last for 20 to 50 years more. They are a bigger commitment and a permanent fixture that you may not be ready for. If you decide you don’t want a pool anymore, above ground pools are much easier and less expensive to remove.

Features of Above Ground Fibreglass Pools We Install

While fibreglass shells are pre-constructed, you still have the freedom to choose features that can gel well with the overall look you are going for. Here are the features that come with every fibreglass pool we install:

  • Extremely compatible with both saltwater and mineral water
  • In-built strength to withstand all elements and manufactured to the industry-best standards
  • Non-slip surfaces and safety ledges are available
  • Our entire range of fibreglass pools is extremely durable and comes with a lifetime structural, internal and osmosis guarantee
  • We can build your pool to sit flush with patio areas or existing deck
  • We can create window walls and infinity ledges in your above ground fibreglass pool
  • Whether you want the pool close to your building or in your backyard, we are up for the job

Our fibreglass pools can be installed in virtually any site

If you are living in a low-lying area and your pool yard is prone to flooding, you may want to consider an above ground fibreglass pool. You may have concerns that flooding may cause a fibreglass pool to pop out. However, that is not what happens. Backed by the right support to the structure, your pool will not flood and stay elevated.

Or, if your fibreglass pool is installed on a hillside you may want to make sure the downhill side is left exposed. In such a setup too, above ground pools offer perfect results. With erosion control on the downhill side, our team can ensure there is no risk of backfill material washing out. You will be able to splash in your pool without having to deal with any stress.

If you want your swimming pool installation above the natural ground level, we are here for you. With years of experience, we have successfully installed thousands of fiberglass pools for our happy customers.

Key Takeaway

Advances in technology have equipped us to install the highest quality fiberglass pools in virtually any backyard. Our wide range of pool options can be installed in-ground, partially in-ground and above ground. If you have a sloping block or a not-so-perfect site, we can have a look and suggest to you the best way to install your dream pool. We use state-of-the-art technology to give you the finest pools compatible with both saltwater and mineral water.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us TODAY! We will be more than happy to walk you through the process and decide the best fiberglass pool installation for you.