Helpful tips on how you can automate your pool

Automation is available even for pools these days. The reason why automation is a good choice is to cut down on pool maintenance activities. But, automation doesn’t mean that you are completely freed of pool-related work. You will have to monitor and adjust the functions and make sure supplies such as chlorine etc. are on hand. Automation takes care of the mundane work and is more precise. You can even use automation apps to monitor basic functions when you are not at home. Think of all the advantages of an automated pool. You can set water temperature and turn on the lights with your app and swim after you get home. Automating your pool is a logical extension to a smart home. As a non-tech savvy person, you can learn to install devices and enjoy the process. Here are some tips to help you with the decision.

  1. What to automate: Deciding what to automate will depend on your budget. You can automate lighting, cleaning, temperature, and chlorine levels. It is not expensive to automate the most important aspects first and then add on. 
  2. DIY or professional help: Once you choose what must be automated, you can make it a DIY project or outsource it. A professional can help set up the control panel for each feature. Labelling the components and sequencing the activity makes it easy to do the work.
  3. Where to install: You will have to decide where to place the control panel. Some homeowners choose to have it in the house while others choose an area by the pool. You may find it convenient to have all the interfaces on a single console. You can also integrate pool functions into your smart home console on the web. With a small panel in your home or near the pool and internet access, monitoring is a snap.
  4. Testing: Once all the controls are installed, test them to see if they work properly. If a professional worked on it for you, ask for an explanation. Perform the steps yourself and get your doubts clarified. Take down the installer’s number so that you can get help when you need it.

Automatable functions:

  • Heating: This is a function that can be automated. You can choose a solar heater or a traditional method to heat the pool. Automating the pool heating function makes it easy for you to change temperatures. You can also turn it off when you go on vacation. This is especially useful if you have kids at home, and they want to jump in for a swim. Get a professional to do this for you and have them explain what to do. Work with a local contractor and get it done right.
  • Pool pump: Regardless of whether you have an in ground or above ground pool, a pump and filter are required. These will keep your water clean. The pump must be run every day if the pool is in use. If not, run it occasionally to keep energy costs down. You can choose from a single, two-speed or variable speed pump. An installer can help you choose. How long the pool pump should be run depends on the size of the pool, how many people use the pool and where you live.
  • Filtration system: This is essential for every pool and must be run when the pool cover is removed. Automating this function by setting a timer will ensure clean water and frequent use. You should have this done by a professional installer as a complete system.
  • Pool chemicals: Having the right amount of chemicals and monitoring levels is crucial. Automation helps in this area as maintaining pH levels is tricky. You can find and install this system on your own. Since this is an affordable item, you can save time, money and the aggravation of cleaning a dirty pool. If you have to choose which aspect you want to automate, this item should top the list.
  • Lighting: Lighting is the easiest item to automate. After buying the lights, follow manufacturer instructions during installation. It doesn’t take long and you can add it to you automation system quite easily. This is an optional item.
  • Pool Covers: This function is worth automating. Pool covers are heavy and require muscle power to take off and put back. Sturdy covers are an essential item if you have children and pets at home. Retractable covers are expensive, so if you want it, let a professional install it for you. You can choose solar covers, which do double duty by keeping the pool clean and heating the water.
  • Pool skimmers and cleaners: These are relatively inexpensive and useful items to have. Skimmers and cleaners are vacuums for a pool and do a great job. You can set them up on a timer and have your pool cleaned when it is not in use. Check with your pool cleaning expert or installer and get the right one for your pool. Automating this function is easy too and should be added to the control panel.

The above list should give you an idea of functions that can be automated. The assumption was that you chose what to automate and what not. As a pool owner, you have the option to get a complete pool automation system installed or do it piecemeal. Complete systems are a bit expensive (costs can be upwards of $20,000) but if you have the budget for it, then it is worth it. It makes sense to get an integrated system installed at one time. Keep in mind that a full automation system will help save money over the years.

If you choose to automate one function at a time, then you can get a smart hub system and manage it remotely. It is up to you as an owner. You can choose to do it piecemeal, DIY or use professional help with the automation. The point of automation is to cut down on time in maintaining the pool.


Choosing to automate pool functions is a great idea. You save on energy costs and have time to enjoy your pool. With the availability of new products, automation is the quickest way to lessen your burden. Every automation product available in the market can installed on any pool. Automation also contributes to safety in many ways – for instance, retractable pool covers and lighting. Automated systems stop or trip if there is a chance of overheating. If you choose to connect your system to your phone, you can use Alexa or Siri to issue commands. You get alerts from the system in case of unusual activity.

Just as a pool adds value to your property, an automated system also adds value. You will still need to monitor the system to see that it is functioning properly and ensure that all the supplies are on hand. If you have a warranty for appliances in your home, then get a service contract for the automation system too. It is worth the money as you have a professional check system functionality once or twice a year.