Pool Covers: 10 Reasons Why You Need One?

After swimming in your pool every day or closing it for the season, it is easy to forget the importance of covering the pool. It may seem like an added task (or expense), but it’s definitely worth your time. A swimming pool cover provides a different set of incentives for pool owners. For instance, when the temperatures start to drop and leaves begin to fall, you will need to take a break from swimming and cover your pool. A pool cover shields the swimming pool from debris and weather throughout the fall and winter season when you can’t swim outside.

The condition of your uncovered pool can change overnight. Before going to bed, your pool may look serene and picture-perfect, perhaps even close to paradise. Then overnight, strong winds and rain occur in your area. You wake up the next morning to discover twigs, leaves, and unrecognizable matter floating around in the pool. Now all your efforts at maintaining the pool are gone. You’re going to be frustrated and very upset.

Modern pool covers are vast and creative improvement over previous ones. In addition to their primary purpose (covering the pool), they offer widespread applications. In fact, there are different types of pool covers as well. The type you select will depend on the dimensions of your pool, needs, and of course, budget. 

If you’re still uncertain about getting a pool covers, here are 10 reasons why you should definitely get one:

1.Stops or Slows Evaporation.

Remember that science lesson from 4th grade about evaporation?It’s a process where liquid changes into water vapour. This is exactly what’s going to happen to your swimming if you leave it uncovered! You can expect this in the cooler months too.

2. Reduces Chemical Use.

Many pool owners use pool chemicals to clean and treat the water and swimming area. Unfortunately, this often causes reactions like watery eyes, sneezing, and skin irritation. It may trigger bouts of asthma and severe allergic reactions. However, if you opt for a pool cover, your dependence on pool chemicals will drop by as much as 60 percent. You’re essentially safeguarding your health. 

3. Helps The Pool Retain Heat.

Do you have a heated swimming pool? Did you know that by covering it up at night, you are reducing heat loss? This means you’ll be greeted by warm waters when you take your morning dive. This is what every avid swimmer wants. No one likes getting into a chilly pool. If your pool relies on the heat and sun for warming, rest assured a pool cover will keep it sufficiently warm during the night for your morning swimming. The cover is able to retain much of the heat overnight when temperatures will drop. The best part is you don’t have to invest in a pool cover to enjoy a warm pool. Whether you buy solar cover or a low-cost vinyl cover, you will still get to enjoy a warm pool.

4. Keeps out Twigs, Leaves, and Yard Waste

Imagine your pool remains uncovered after the summer season. Things beyond your control will find their way into your pool. This includes dead insects, toys (dog toys too), bird feces, leaves, branches, and perhaps even a snake. You’ll be stuck outside with a net and telescoping pole, trying to fish out all this fallen debris. What a terrible way to spend the day off? To prevent this situation from happening in the future, simply cover up the pool. So that on your next day off, you can use the pool for its intended purpose: swimming.

5. Less Clean Up.

Do you like vacuuming your pool? Some pool owners do get a thrill out of this maintenance task, but it would still be nice if you didn’t have to vacuum as often. Even vacuuming for a short period of time is welcome. Guess what, a pool cover can cut your clean up time by more than half!

6. Save Money.

Although it may not seem like it right now, but a pool cover is worth the investment. Once you purchase and use the pool cover, you will notice the saving immediately. You won’t use up as much water, your heating bills will be less, and you won’t rely on as many chemicals as before.

7. Reduces Energy Costs.

Apart from saving money, a pool cover will cut your energy expenses. Whether you have a gas, solar or electricity heated pool, you will still save money AND energy. This is a win-win situation for you and Mother Nature.

8. Enhances Safety.

Some swimming pool covers, especially those built from fiberglass mesh will actually prevent accidental falls. This is especially important if you have small children or pets in your home. The fiberglass mesh is capable of withstanding nearly 400 pounds of weight. This is why these covers are heavier than regular pool covers. To operate this type of pool cover, you will have to rely on an automatic or manual track system.

Although other types of pool covers may not provide the same safety barrier, they’re still effective at keeping other things out (as mentioned earlier).

9. Saves Water.

When you cover your pool, it conserves water. Less water is lost due to evaporation. When you feel like swimming, you won’t need to fill up the pool. In fact, by regularly covering the pool, you will fill up less often. If you reside in a drought-prone area, saving water is likely a good idea.

10. Easy to Use.

If you’re able to afford an automated track cover that is controllable using a remote control or button, then we recommend getting this type of cover from the get go. You will save yourself the hassle and time of removing and storing the cover, not to mention unwrapping and recovering.

11. Variety of Covers

Whether it’s the design or budget (or both) that determines the type of pool cover you get, know that you have choices at your disposal. Here are a few options:

-Bubble covers. Also called solar blankets, this is the ideal cover if temperatures drop significantly at night and you want to keep your pool heated throughout. This type of cover minimizes evaporation too. There is no safety protection and two people are necessary to apply the cover.

-Plastic covers. These are the most inexpensive type of covers. They are effective at separating the clean pool water below from the bad water that might collect above. Plastic covers can also minimize evaporation. They’re effective at keeping out leaves and debris from entering the pool. However, because they’re poorly anchored, excess water that collects on top can easily leak into the pool. To prevent this from happening, considering draining the cover frequently.

-Mesh Safety Covers. These are an effective safety cover because you can securely anchor them to your pool decking. They form a good barrier around the pool. There are different variations in mesh covers. You may have to drain some types (and not others). These are ideal for keeping your pool covered for long periods of time.

-Automatic Pool Cover. These are versatile covers. They form an effective isolation barrier around the pool, essentially preventing entry into the water. So if you have pets and or small children, this is your best option. You can literally cover and cover your pool at will with the flick of a button. Automatic covers are superb at preventing evaporation and debris from collecting in the pool. Some are WiFi controlled.

A pool cover is a sound investment. It can save you lots of time, money, and pool maintenance. So contact our experts today for more information!