Sunseeker 10.2m x 4.4m

Sunseeker 10.2m x 4.4m


Sunseeker 10.2m x 4.4m

The Sunseeker is our most recent addition to our ever expanding range of modern designs. This elegantly simple clean line design boasts it all, a full length step for easy access, a massive splash deck for simply lazing around with family and friends or utilise this space as a fun filled kids play area. With recessed steps the Sunseeker has an uninterrupted swimming section. Both sizes in this range are a generous 4.4 meters wide and have both shallow and deep end swimming areas. As with all Barrier Reef Pool designs the Sunseeker incorporates the safety ledge for our junior swimmers, non-slip benches and steps, smooth edges and our vibrant range of shimmer colours. The Sunseeker meets the needs of the entire family.

Introducing the Sunseeker Pool 10.2m x 4.4m: Unleash the Essence of Modern Design

Experience the epitome of contemporary pool design with the Sunseeker, the latest addition to our ever-expanding range of captivating pools. This stunningly elegant and clean-lined pool combines simplicity with functionality, creating an oasis that caters to all your desires. With its impressive features and versatile layout, the Sunseeker is designed to meet the needs of the entire family.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Easy Access and Relaxation: The Sunseeker offers a full-length step, ensuring effortless entry into the pool. This thoughtful design element enhances accessibility, allowing you to enter and exit the water with ease. The pool also features a massive splash deck, providing ample space for leisurely lounging with family and friends. Alternatively, you can transform this area into a vibrant and exciting play zone for kids to enjoy. The Sunseeker effortlessly combines relaxation and play, catering to the diverse needs of your entire family.
  2. Uninterrupted Swimming Section: With its recessed steps, the Sunseeker creates a seamless and uninterrupted swimming section. Dive into the pool and experience the joy of unrestricted movement as you glide through the water. The uninterrupted design ensures a smooth and immersive swimming experience, allowing you to fully enjoy the pool’s generous dimensions.
  3. Generous Width and Varied Depths: The Sunseeker is designed with a generous width of 4.4 meters, providing ample space for all your aquatic activities. The pool features both shallow and deep end swimming areas, accommodating different skill levels and preferences. Whether you prefer a leisurely dip or an invigorating swim, the Sunseeker caters to your every need, ensuring a truly enjoyable experience for all.
  4. Safety and Quality: As with all Barrier Reef Pool designs, the Sunseeker prioritizes safety and quality. It incorporates a safety ledge specifically designed for junior swimmers, providing peace of mind for parents. Non-slip benches and steps ensure stability and prevent accidents. The pool also features smooth edges for added comfort and a range of vibrant shimmer colors, allowing you to customize your pool to reflect your unique style.

Indulge in the essence of modern pool design with the Sunseeker. Discover a space where relaxation, family fun, and safety seamlessly blend together. Contact our team today to explore the possibilities offered by the Sunseeker Pool and embark on a journey of creating cherished memories in your very own aquatic paradise.


NameLength (m)Width (m)Deep End (m)Shallow End (m)
Sunseeker Platform Area2.004.200.500.50