The Most Important Pool Accessories Every Pool Owner Must Have

Thinking of getting a new pool installed? Or want to add more fun to your existing one? It does not matter if you are a new pool owner or an experienced one, cool pool accessories are for everyone. These extra accessories not only add more fun to the existing pool experience but also make the lives of pool owners a lot easier.

While some of these accessories can be opted out based on individual needs, others are a must-have for every pool owner. There is a range of pool accessories available in the market. Picking up appropriate pool accessories for your pool is crucial. Some of these items are intended purely to multiply the fun. Others aim to provide comfort and convenience to the owners or caretakers of a pool. Once you are aware of the choices on offer, you can figure out what are the best pool accessories for you. And we are here to help you with the same. We have compiled below a list of the most important pool accessories. Give it a read before picking up accessories for your pool:


Shock is a chemical aimed at appropriate chlorination and disinfection of your pool. It is one of the most popular chemicals when it comes to killing harmful pathogens in your pool. Adding Shock in your pool will super chlorinate it, making it safe for everyone who enters. Not only it kills all the disease-causing pathogens but it also clears the pool water. Adding Shock to a cloudy pool will clear it in a matter of minutes. It can also be used to treat your pool for moderate algae accumulation.

Shock is a great pool accessory to have. You just need to make sure that you are adding it to your pool regularly. You will also have to decide the frequency and quantity of adding this chemical. It will depend upon factors such as the size of your pool, the number of people entering it, the frequency at which you use it, and local weather.

Test Strips

Another of those very useful pool accessories that every pool owner must-have. These Test Strips are actually chemical indicators. They can indicate not only the presence of certain chemicals in the pool water but also the concentration of these chemicals. Once you are aware of an approximate concentration of chemicals in your pool, you can take a call. You can decide if you need to add other chemicals to balance the levels or change the pool water.

The best part about these strips is that they are very simple to use. You just have to dip it in the pool water and wait for them to change color. These strips contain chemically active compounds that react with chemicals in your pool to change color. Once the strip changes color, you can compare it with a color chart that comes with the strips. This will help you decide the concentration of different chemicals in the pool.

Different test strips can indicate the presence of different types of chemicals. You can determine pH levels, the concentration of chlorine, alkalinity, and more.

Pool covers and Pool barriers

An important step in pool maintenance is safeguarding your pool. You can use various types of pool covers, pool barriers, or both. While pool covers will help you cover the pool when not in use, pool barriers will prevent unauthorized access. 

There are times when your pool might not be in use for prolonged periods. But you want to keep the water clean and fresh for use. While you can use various chemicals for this purpose, you can additionally use a pool cover. A pool cover will save your pool from garbage accumulation and direct sunlight. We know that garbage accumulation in the pool is inevitable, but a pool cover will reduce it considerably. If you are someone who hates removing fallen leaves and dead insects from your pool, a pool cover might just be the accessory for you. Not only this, pool covers will ensure no direct sunlight falls on pool water, preventing frequent algae accumulation.

The best part is there is a range of pool cover options available in the market. There are pool covers for particular weather, size, and need. You can decide the best option for yourself based on your needs.

Similarly, pool barriers are also a very useful accessory. Especially if you are a private person and want to prevent unauthorized access, get a pool barrier installed today. There are multiple options of pool barriers available as well. We suggest going for a polycarbonate enclosure. It is not only easy to install but also adds to the aesthetics of your pool area. Here are the top 10 reasons why you need a pool cover!

Pool rescue and safety equipment

No pool owner wants health risks in or around their pool. Unfortunately, the truth is that accidents around the pool area are pretty frequent. People often forget to put their safety first while enjoying a good swimming session or at a pool party. As a pool owner, it is your responsibility to ensure you are doing whatever you can to prevent this. You also need to make sure there are remedial strategies available at quick disposal if something unfortunate happens. There is a whole range of safety and protective accessories that you can invest in. It will ensure you are ready for any unforeseen scenario. Some of these accessories include a First Aid Kit, life jackets, life hook, and spine boards. You can also get safety ropes and floats to be extra safe.


Without a doubt, the Skimmer is the most used pool accessory. Although there is a high possibility that you already have a skimmer, we suggest getting one if you don’t. The Skimmer is a net attached to a long and light pole. You can use this to remove debris and solid garbage from the pool. The size of the Skimmer will depend on the size of your pool. You can also consider getting the ones with detachable heads. That way, you can use the same net with poles of different sizes according to your convenience.

Pool Floats

Another one of those accessories you cannot afford to not have. Pool floats are as basic as you can get. The best way to relax in your pool is to get on a float and let yourself loose. A pool experience is just not complete without a float in your pool. Pool floats are not only your best companions for relaxing, they add to the aesthetics of your pool too. Today there are innumerable styles, colours, and shapes of pool float you can choose from. You can get one that reflects your personality. We suggest going for something quirky. How does one in the shape of a pizza sound?

Cleaning accessories

As a responsible owner, you also need to ensure adequate levels of hygiene in and around your pool. But, a lot of you will agree that cleaning a pool is the worst part of having one. While you can invest more in cleaning chemicals and other basic cleaning devices, we suggest investing in new technology. Depending upon your budget, you can get a robotic pool cleaner to clean your pool automatically.

If you don’t want to spend a fortune, you can go for other less expensive options. Get a pool vacuum installed, and buy chemical floaters to ensure a healthy experience for everyone entering the pool. 

There is a whole range of accessories you can invest in. All you need to do is choke out your needs, fix a budget, and explore. Contact the experts here at Swimming Pools Sydney for advice on the perfect accessories for your home!